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Got the sniffles? It is very common in the American culture to eat “comfort foods” while having a cold or flu. These comfort foods usually include processed foods like crackers and canned soups. While these foods can trigger a childhood sense of comfort, the carbohydrates, processed ingredients, and lack of nutritional content can be detrimental to the body’s healing process. So…. what should you eat while you are sick? Nourishing foods that are high in nutritional content will help trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Keep reading for some great ideas!

Bone broth

Bone broth is easily digestible and contains collagen and vital nutrients that assist in the healing process. I would recommend staying away from canned or boxed store bought broth and buying organic, refrigerated broth. You can even learn to make your own bone broth!


Ginger helps to induce sweating and release the exterior to push the pathogen out when it’s in the early stages. Ginger can be cooked into a soup or brewed into a tea. Ginger tea is best drunk when you first notice the onset of a cold or flu.The strongest ginger tea can be made at home by purchasing fresh ginger, thinly slicing 5-10 pieces per cup of tea, and steeping or boiling it for 5-10 minutes. Strain out the ginger, add honey to taste, and enjoy!

Green onion

Called cong bai can be used as food therapy and has a similar function to ginger. Green onion has a warming property and helps to release the body’s exterior to push a pathogen out. Can be prepared by cooking it into a soup. Feel better and consume something delicious!

Foods high in Vitamin C & Zinc

Vitamin C and zinc can help trigger an immune response and be used as fuel for your body to be able to fight off infections. The body cannot store vitamin C or zinc so it is important to consume it daily and especially when you are sick! Click here for list of foods that are high in vitamin C. Click here for a list of foods high in zinc.

Need more help deciding what to eat when you are sick? Contact us or your local Chinese medicine practitioner for herbal recommendations that can help you feel your best again!

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