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A question that I keep hearing is, “Why does my body hate me?”. When we are confronted with pain or dysfunction, a usual first response is to blame and shame our bodies. I am here to tell you that your body does not hate you and to help you understand the value of self love. Your body is merely responding to a lifetime of abuse and neglect from poor eating and sleeping habits, a lack of self-care, and a lack of positive self-talk. You have 100 trillion cells, and they are all listening.

Our bodies do their best to adapt and deal with their environment. Starving our bodies of vital nutrients forces them into a state of distress and trying to cope with sub-standard conditions. It has become to norm to cover up symptoms with other substances instead of putting in the work to heal our bodies.

So how do we practice self love?

Eat clean. Give your body natural food with nutrients it needs to function. Sleep an adequate amount. Encourage your body. If an ache or pain arises, greet it with compassion instead of blame. Practice preventative medicine and address your health concerns before a major issue arises. Move your body and spend time outdoors . Do activities that bring you joy and fulfill you. Change negative thought patterns and redirect them to something more positive. Practice mindfulness and make each moment sacred.

Some of these things are easier said than done, but through self love, practice, and dedication we can retrain our minds and bodies to react in a healthier way.

Health and wellness comes from a balance of many aspects of life. Our bodies are constantly trying to find a happy state of homeostasis and our job is to help it get there.

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