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FAQ / Benefits of Micro Needling
Every treatment we offer is personalized to your unique situation and needs

Micro needling causes micro pricks to the skin and triggers healing mechanisms. That area of skin will build more collagen and elastin as it is renewed and leave the skin with a more even tone and softer texture. You can see results in as little as two weeks! It is recommended to schedule 1 micro needling session per month for 4-6 months and results may last 5 years.

During a micro needling session numbing cream will be applied then allowed to absorb for 5-10 minutes. Excess numbing cream will be removed and the desired area will be swabbed with an ethyl alcohol and water mixture to sanitize. Our Super Serum (vegan, collagen based primer) will be applied in small sections before the micro needling process has started. We finish off with our Tranquil Toner (an aloe based toner) that will help to soothe the skin and decrease redness. Aftercare instructions are given and a next appointment will be scheduled! Appointments last 30-45 minutes.

Most commonly micro needling is used on the face, but it can also be used on the hands, chest, arms, and legs.

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production in the epidermis
  • Increases absorption of serums by 1000%
  • Stimulates healing mechanisms
  • Results may last for 5 years
  • Can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and dark spots naturally
  • 1 session of micro needling is equal to 6 weeks of derma rolling
  • See results in as little as 2 weeks
  • No down time
  • Great for exfoliation
  • Can be used in between micro needling sessions
  • No need to use numbing cream